2013 News Flashes

Fall 2013

Fall GMHA Show

One of our clients, Jen, made her USDF / USEF dressage debut at the GMHA Fall Dressage Show *AND* earned her first of the two required qualification scores to go to the USDF Region 8 Training Level Dressage Championships! She also won a lovely GMHA Mug by winning one of her classes, with a fabulous 70% score. Awesome results!

TNT Equine Dental Clinic

We held our 6th annual dental clinic featuring Dr Deme Ericson from TNT Equine of N. Berwick, Maine. This year, Kearsarge Meadows opened the clinic to outside horses.

Summer 2013

Jeddien Returns to Competition !

Our wonderful KPWN mare, Jeddien, returned to the show ring for CVDA's Summer Dressage Schooling Show.   Riding her and making her dressage competition debut was one of our employees, Devin McManus.   Both did a great job, won some ribbons, and had a very fun day out!

August 21, 2013

Saddle Fitting Clinic

We were delighted to have Tony from Anthony Cooper Saddler back on the farm to provide his expert saddle fitting services.

As always, we opened the doors to outside horses who were trucked in for saddle fitting.

2012 News Flashes

Fall 2012

Bea Yewtee Show Debut !

Bea Yewtee made her show debut at CVDA's Fall Dressage Schooling Show.   This was her only Bea's third trip away from home and her first view of a competition.   She took it well in stride and even took home two ribbons!

Spring 2012

Piper Sold !

Congratulations to Ali and her family on the purchase of "Piper"!

We're not really sure who chose whom, but it was definitely love at first sight.   Ali & Piper are already BFF and are planning a fun 2012 competition season together.

We wish Ali and Piper all the best.

2011 News Flashes

Fall 2011

Year End Awards

At the end of 2011, Piper is the national RESERVE CHAMPION for KWPN 1st Level Vintage and 3rd for KWPN 1st Level Freestyles.   Fabulous finish to the year!

Piper has now also completed enough tests to earn his USDF Performance Certificates at both Training Level and First Level.

Kearsarge Meadows Featured in Kearsarge Magazine!

Kearsarge Meadows, along with West Meadow Stables in Bradford and Horton's Farm in Grantham, was featured in the Fall 2011 issue of Kearsarge Magazine   Included with the article were photos of one of our clients and her lovely buckskin horse horse, taken after a riding lesson with Kimberley.

NEDA Fall Festival

Piper finishes 4th in the USDF Region 8 1st Level Freestyle championships!

Summer 2011


Piper makes his debut at Second Level Open, contesting 2nd Level Test 3 at GMHA's June show, earning a respectable qualifying score of 64.048%.   He also earned a 1st Level qualifying score of just over 66%.

Piper earned qualifying scores for the First Level Freestyle at the UNH Seacoast show in July with 65% and at the Vermont Dressage Days show in August with 72.567%.

2010 News Flashes

Dec 2010

Piper Warrior is 2010 NEDA Year End Champion for USDF Freestyles !!!

After competing in 7 USDF competitions in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York this year, Piper Warrior and Kimberley earned the title of 2010 NEDA Year End Champion in USDF Freestyles.

At the 2010 USDF Regional Championships, they also came 4th in their debut year at First Level Freestyle and half qualified for 2011.

As winter approaches, focus on training continues in preparation for the resumption of the 2011 USDF Region 8 dressage season in April.

You can keep abreast of Piper's competition life on the Dressage Queen blog, a chronicle of one rider's path to the Regional Championships.

Nov 2010

Jeddien Featured in Dressage Today Magazine !

The recently retired dressage queen chestnut mare of Kearsarge Meadows, Jeddien, is featured in the magazine's video clinic, critiqued by Axel Steiner, Olympic Judge, and his wife, artist and photographer Terri Miller.

Check out the November 2010 issue of Dressage Today to read what Steiner and Miller thought of this photo of Kimberley and Jeddien (courtesy of Carole MacDonald) and Jeddien's 2009 USDF Region 8 Championship dressage test.

Sept 2010

Piper's Year End Awards

Piper attended the NEDA Fall Festival / USDF Region 8 Championships and wrapped up the competition season with a number of fabulous year end awards from NEDA, the USDF, and the KWPN North America.   The full list can be viewed on our farm's awards page.

Summer 2010

Piper Qualifies for USDF Regionals in 3 Categories!

After competing in 6 USDF competitions this past Spring and Summer, Piper Warrior and Kimberley have qualified for the 2010 USDF Regional Championships in 3 categories:

  • Training Level - Open / Professional
  • First Level - Open / Professional
  • First Level - Freestyle to Music

You can keep abreast of Piper's progress on the Dressage Queen blog, a chronicle of one rider's path to the Regional Championships.

2006 Youngsters Now Under Saddle

Homebred "Big Ben", our Tangela gelding out of Marja (Burggraaf) is now 4 years old and is being ridden indoors and outdoors by both Kimberley and Becca, a member of the team at Kearsarge Meadows.   Ben continues to grow, getting taller and filling out, while learning about his future life as a riding horse.   So far, he is a joy to ride and proving to be a very sensible character.

"Bea Yewtee", Jeddien's daughter, is also now under saddle.   Since Bea is currently rump high as she goes through another growing spurt, we are taking things slowly, allowing nature to take its course.

Spring 2010

Piper Warrior Shines at GMHA!

In his second show of the USDF 2010 season, which included Piper's debut at First Level, Piper earned his first qualifying scores for both Training and First Levels.   He also earned five "High Score" awards, including "Highest Scoring KWPN Dutch Warmblood" of the three day show.

The USDF Region 8 show season closes mid Aug.   So, the race is on to complete qualifications before then.   Between dressage shows, Piper will also continue his show jumping career, as well.   It's gonna be a busy summer!

You can keep abreast of Piper's progress on the Dressage Queen blog, a chronicle of one rider's path to the Regional Championships.

2009 News Flashes

Fall 2009

2009 USDF Region 8 DUAL Reserve Champions!

After a year of dressage qualifiers in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, the long awaited weekend at the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage has finally come and gone.   And what a weekend it was!

Jeddien and Kimberley have returned home with TWO Reserve Champion titles.   The first, earned on a rainy Friday Sept 11th evening, was for 3rd Level Open / Professional.   The second, earned on a much brighter Sunday Sept 13th morning, was for the 3rd Level Freestyle / Kur.   The music used was a selection of three German Folk Songs edited by Kimberley.

To read more about the creation of Jeddien's first Freestyle Kur, the season's leadup to the show, and the show itself, check out Kimberley's Dressage Queen Blog.

Summer 2009

Once again, Jeddien has completed qualification for the USDF Region 8 Dressage Championships.   However, this year, she qualified for 2 Championships.   She will be contesting Third Level Open as well as the 3rd Level Freestyle to Music!

Spring 2009

Kearsarge Meadows now has an Official Horse Farm Blog.   Followers will enjoy a variety of news about life on the farm.

Winter 2009

After various tests, including walking barefoot in treated footing, we treated our 70x160 foot indoor arena with 2400 pounds of "Mag Flakes".   Since then, our indoor arena has been 100% dust free and looking like it had been recently watered.   We highly recommend this Magnesium Chloride product and would be happy to show it to any farm owners who are considering upgrading their own arenas.

2008 News Flashes

Fall 2008

A Great 2008 Show Season!

Now that winter is underway, we can reflect back on a successful 2008 show season.   Our KWPN Dutch WB mare Jeddien once again did well at the 2008 USDF Region 8 Championships at 3rd Level Open, as well as in the 3rd Level Sweepstakes, and is already half qualified for 2009.   Piper made his USA show debut this season, starting off as a very timid novice, and closed the season out at the NEDA Fall Festival in Saugerties NY where he really rose to the big occasion.   Such a little star!

Summer 2008

Summer is here at last!   We have grass in the pastures and lovely groomed riding trails.   And so far, the winds and dry air have keep the bugs and mosquitoes to a minimum.

USDF Region 8 Dressage competition season is now well underway.   Our KWPN Dutch Warmblood mare Jeddien quickly qualified for the 3rd Level Open Championships with successful rides at the NEDA Spring Show and Beland Stables May Show.

Our KWPN Dutch Warmblood gelding Piper is now officially a competition dressage horse once again, having good success at the Mystic Valley Hunt Club competition in Connecticut.

You can track Piper's training and competition progress on the online diary / blog at "dressage-queen.blogspot.com".

Apr 2008

Big Ben is now a gelding!   Yes, our 2006 Tangelo x Burggraaf KWPN Dutch WB, out of our imported Ster KWPN mare, Marja, has been gelded.   Our thanks to the folks at TNT Equine for doing such a fine job.   While bred to be a top quality showjumper, Ben is showing all the signs of being a future Equestion Medals or Maclay horse.   He has the size, the style, character and paces to take him to the top of the Big Eq world or dressage.   You'll find more about Ben on the Horses For Sale page.

Jan 2008

"Big Ben" is officially for sale.   A 20 minute video of Ben is now available for viewing online or via DVD upon request.

2007 News Flashes

Dec 2007

Just in time for New Hampshire's snowiest December in many years, the 70x160 foot indoor arena has been renovated.   Like the outdoor arena, the indoor now has sand and Rubber Recycle's Surefoot rubber.

Oct 2007

Competing at the Mystic Valley Hunt Club in Connecticut, Kimberley & Jeddien completed the qualifications for Kimberley's USDF Bronze Medal Rider's Award.

Sept 2007

In their USDF Region 8 Championship debut at Saugerties NY, Jeddien and Kimberley came THIRD in the 3rd Level Open Championships!

Sept 2007

Kearsarge Meadows hosted a clinic with saddler Anthony Cooper for a day of saddle fitting & adjustment.   Next spring, we will have Tony back out to Warner again.

Aug 2007

The Olympic sized 20x60 metre outdoor dressage arena at Kearsarge Meadows has been fully renovated to include a permanent border and updated footing.   Selecting Rubber Recycle's Surefoot, the arena now has sand and rubber.

July 2007

Competing for a second time at GMHA in Vermont, Kimberley & Jeddien are now fully qualified for the USDF Region 8 Championships at 3rd Level.   They also came 2nd in their debut at 4th Level earning their first qualifying score towards their USDF Silver Medal Rider's Award.   Great success!

June 2007

Kimberley & Jeddien returned to the competition arena after a two and a half year absence.   Competing at GMHA in Vermont, they earned half qualification for the USDF Regionals.

Feb 2007

Dates for Kearsarge Meadows' 2007 Series of Dressage Test Riding Clinics have been set:   Apr thru Oct on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

2006 News Flashes

Oct 2006

We are now accepting new winter boarders!

Oct 2006

We are hiring!   Contact us if you want to spend time around horses while earning cash.

Sept 2006

Groundwork Dressage Clinics are now being held every Sunday.   Join the fun while working towards creating a calmer, happier dressage or riding horse.   Play with poles, cavallettis, cones, tarps, and more.   Work on your relationship on the ground, then enjoy the benefits from the saddle.

Aug 2006

We are proud to announce that our resident trainer, Kimberley Edelmann, has successfully passed the American Riding Instructors Association ARICP Exams to earn certification at "Level III - Dressage".

June 2006

Jeddien has produced her first foal, a fabulously flashy filly.   Little Bea is destined to follow in the hoofprints of her dam as one of Kimberley's successful dressage partners.

Apr 2006

Marja delivers the goods!   Big Ben was born, arriving at a full height of 11 hands (44 inches).   Imprint training was done at birth by the vet, our farrier, and ourselves.   Daily handling and frequent trims by Adam will help insure that this big friendly colt will be a gentle giant.

2005 News Flashes

Nov 2005

Marja, a large beautiful 1994 Ster KWPN Dutch Warmblood broodmare, arrives from Holland into the United States.   She is carrying her 7th foal, this one by Tangelo.   Marja arrived looking well and settled right into her new life at Kearsarge Meadows.

Oct 2005

Kearsarge Meadows, a newly formed horse boarding & training operation in Warner, New Hampshire, opens its doors to new boarders.   Staff are also being hired.

May 2005

Kearsarge Meadows, LLC is registered with the Secretary of State in New Hampshire.   "Runaway Farm" is no more.

Mar 2005

Georg & Kimberley Edelmann take ownership of the horse farm in Warner NH known as "Runaway Farm".   Runaway Farm was most recently owned and operated by Claire Talbot.   Other past owners include Anne Hunt, the Lionettis, Ted & Jane Bliss, the Garrity's, all of whom ran the property as a horse farm.   Going further back in history the property housed the Goldengay's, the Tully's, and the Sargent family who included some of the town's founding fathers.