We Are Hiring !

We are looking for a morning person with good solid horse care experience. The morning job includes feeding the horses their breakfast, grooming, turning out, and mucking stalls.

All employees are paid according to IRS guidelines. That includes us making matching contributions to employee Social Security and Medicare accounts. That's an additional 7.65% over the weekly pay earned.

All employees have the option of riding. Contact us for more details or to submit a resume.

Supporting NEDA's "Flextime" Education Program

The New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Flextime Mounted Education Program provides a discount on lessons with several trainers across New England and New York.   Trainers donate their time and lesson fees to NEDA and proceeds go towards support of the Region 8 Junior and Young Rider team and other educational programs.

In 2013, our own ARIA Certified Instructor Kimberley, became one of the NEDA Flextime Trainers.   To sign up for lessons through NEDA, visit the NEDA Flextime website.

Six Years Later - Still Loving the MAG!

After various tests, including walking barefoot in treated footing, we treated our 70 x 160 foot indoor arena with 2400 pounds of "Mag Flakes" in March 2009.   Since then, our indoor arena has been 100% dust free.   We highly recommend this Magnesium Chloride product and would be happy to show it to any farm owners who are considering upgrading their own arenas.

Since the start of Summer 2010 was so dry, we tried some Mag outdoors on our sand & rubber arena.   It worked great for the first couple of weeks during the continued dry spell, but a number of fast hard hitting rainstorms quickly diminished the concentration of Mag on the surface.   While the dust was still less than before, we can see that annual or multiple applications per season of Mag would be wise for that particular hilltop arena.

In April 2013, we topped up our MAG with another half dose.   More than enough to bring back the "just watered" look and feel, while firming up the riding surface a wee bit.

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"Runaway Farm" in Warner, New Hampshire, New England, changed hands in the Spring of 2005.   New owners, new farm name, new trainers, new management, and new activities...   It was all very exciting for us, our clients, and the local horse community as well.