Kearsarge Meadows WebCam

(Courtesy of Kearsarge Meadows)


Our view of Kearsarge Mountain, which is literally just down the road, changes all the time, depending on the weather.   Some days, we can't see the whole north pasture, some days we see storms on the mountain, other days, the mountain is simply stunningly beautiful.

The north pasture, which now includes fencing for use by horses, is often visited by deer and wild turkeys.   You never know what you'll see here....

As far as we know, this is the only webcam offering a live view of the southern faces of Black Mountain & Kearsarge Mountain, as well as a glimpse of the local weather.   We hope you enjoy it.

If you only see a blank screen, this means the maximum # of people are viewing the webcam image.   Please remember to leave this page after you have viewed, so that others can have a peek as well.   Thank you!

(Note:   On occasion, we may move the camera to different views for short periods of time....)