FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I've never ridden before and would like to start taking lessons.   What do you offer?

A.   That's great that you want to start riding!   Hopefully, you'll discover how much fun it is.   However, we only offer lessons to clients on their own privately owned horses and lessons on our schoolmasters for experienced riders only.   Please check the other local stables, such as the ones we list here. Also check out websites such as NHEquestrians.com and EquineSite.com for riding schools.

Q.   Do you rent out horses for things like trail riding or parties?

A.   No, we do not rent out horses.   For horse rentals, try this website: http://www.horserentals.com/newhampshire.html.

Q.   Do you take "truck in" lessons?

A.   Yes, if you keep your horse at home or at another farm, but want to train with us, we are happy to have you bring your horse in for lessons.

Q.   My horse currently eats Purina / Blue Seal / Poulin / Nutrena / Agway / Brand X.   If I board at Kearsarge Meadows, can I have this fed to him?

A.   Yes, we currently stock Blue Seal feeds but we can cater to our boarders who have other preferred feeds.

Q.   Will you feed my horse supplements of my choice?

A.   Absolutely, we are happy to feed supplements which you supply for your horse.

Q.   Why do you have different rates based on size and age of the horse?

A.   While it might seem like one size fits all should apply, in reality, it rarely works out that way.   For example, with the young horses, we are actually providing training and education each time we handle the youngster.   For the bigger horses, we find we go through more hay, feed, and shavings than with the smaller horses.   By adjusting the board rates accordlingly, we do not have to give our boarders surprise bills at the end of the month for handling, shavings, and feed.

Q.   Our mare is going to have a foal next spring.   Do you have facilities for a mare and foal?

A.   We have double-sized stables for mares and foals.   WebCams are used to monitor the mares as their foaling dates arrive.   When the foals are born, they receive immediate veterinary checkups.   We will also help you use imprint training to get their educations started.

Q.   Will my horse get turned out?

A.   Yes, we turn out horses everyday, unless the weather is extremely nasty.   In fact, we strongly believe that the well-being and happiness of horses is greatly supported by daily turnout.   All horses on our farm are turned out daily unless they are on veterinary orders to have "box rest", in which case another horse will be kept indoors with them for company.

Q.   My horse needs company in the pasture.   Can you arrange that?

A.   Yes, most horses prefer a pasture buddy or two.   Whenever possible, we match up horses in pairs or small groups to be turned out together.

Q.   My current farrier and vet really know my horse well.   I would prefer not to switch to a new farrier and vet.   Is that okay?

A.   Yes, that's absolutely fine.   We do not have a "farm farrier" or "farm vet" with whom we solely do business.   However, in an emergency, if your farrier or vet is not able to attend quickly enough, we will select an alternative.

Q.   I would like to keep my horse at Kearsarge Meadows.   My best friend also likes to ride but doesn't have a horse.   Do you have a horse she can use so that we can trail ride together once in a while?

A.   While we understand how much fun it is to go trail riding with a friend, no, we do not have horses we can loan out.

Q.   Will my horse be used as a lesson horse while at Kearsarge Meadows?

A.   If you want lessons on your horse, that is fine.   But, no, we will not use your horse as a lesson horse for other riders, unless you specifically ask us to do so.

Q.   I want my horse to have access to fresh water all day.   Is that possible during the winter if they are outside?

A.   All of our pastures have heated water troughs.   Also, each stall in the barn has electricity, allowing us to use heated water buckets in the winter and stall fans during the hot summer days.

Q.   When do you feed the horses?

A.   We feed breakfast of hay & grain around 8 am.   We feed the additional hay during the day if the horses are in, or if they are out on snow.   Horses come in from pasture before sunset.   Dinner is served once they are all inside.   Additional hay and treats are served during "night checks".

Q.   What is "Night Checks"?

A.   Night Checks is the last thing we do before we go to bed every night.   We check every horse on the property one last time, make sure they ate their dinners, top up their water buckets, check stable rugs & blankets, feed a hay snack, pass around carrots & treats, and secure the barns.   It is our way of making sure the horses are safe & sound, happy & healthy, and tucked in for the night.