Kearsarge Meadows

In March 2005, we purchased the farm formerly known as "Runaway Farm".   We are happy to announce that it is our full intention to keep the farm as a horse boarding farm and riding facility.

We moved here from England in the United Kingdom.   There, we were quite involved in the British Dressage community, competing, judging, and training.   We also worked with various British Horse Society Riding Clubs and RC members, providing support and competition judging.

Kearsarge Meadows' resident trainer, Kimberley, has been riding since 1971 and was involved in the USA 4-H and Pony Clubs as a teenager.   Living in California in the 1980's, she trained with Grand Prix dressage riders such as Louise Koch, Zola DaVirro, and Dutch clinician, Jan Hansen.

In the 1990's through to 2005, Kimberley lived in England where she competed through Advanced Medium in dressage.   She trained with Robert Pickles, FBHS, Christine Stuckleberger, and Jan Nivelle for dressage, Tim Stockdale for jumping, and Ross Simpson for Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship.   Kimberley has competed in many dressage championships both at Regional & National Level.

Our philosophy around riding is quite simple:   Keep it fun!   Both the horse and the rider should be enjoying the work they do.   We believe that training and riding is only boring if you make it boring.